Beads and Bokeh

Although I am a born arachnophobic, wet spider webs are one of my favoured things to photograph. The water was my doing, though. I gently splashed the spider webs with water to get these faeryish effects I absolutely adore. The occupants of the webs were grateful as it was a hot hot day. One of the spiders kept coming out and enjoy the water. šŸ™‚

And here it is, the happy freaking monster.

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šŸ¹šš” šš–šš˜šš– . šš–šš›ššœ . šš•šš˜ššŸššŽššœ šš™šš‘šš˜šššš˜šššš›ššŠšš™šš‘šš¢ ššŠšš—šš šš™šš‘šš˜šššš˜ ššŽšššš’šššš’šš—šš, šššš˜šš˜šššš•šš’šš—šš, ššŒšš›šš˜ššŒšš‘ššŽšš, ššŒššŠššššœ, šš™šš•ššŠšš—ššššœ, šš‹šš˜šš˜šš”ššœ, ššŒšš˜ššššššŽššŽ, šššš˜šš˜šš šššš˜šš˜šš ššŠšš—šš šš‘šš¢ššššššŽ . šš˜šš‘ ššŠšš—šš ššŒšš˜ššššššŽššŽ. š™»šš˜ššššœ ššŠšš—šš šš•šš˜ššššœ šš˜šš šš’šš. š™°šš—šš šššš’šš š™ø šš–ššŽšš—šššš’šš˜šš— ššŒšš˜ššššššŽššŽ?

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